Village of Paw Paw

Downtown Development Authority

About the Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

Stationed in the Carnegie Center in the Village of Paw Paw, the Downtown Development Authority is the main resource for bringing growth back to downtown. Focused on keeping downtown strong, the DDA provides a variety of services to revitalize the area. We strive for retention and recruitment of new businesses by providing financial incentives (grants and loans) to businesses and property owners for painting, facade improvements, and repairs to buildings. We provide them for both new businesses as well as existing businesses, so everyone can contribute to efforts for our downtown.

By providing funds to keep our downtown looking beautiful along M-40/Kalamazoo Street from I-94, we can welcome everyone who visits Paw Paw. We give funds to improve the streetscapes of Paw Paw, with changes to planters, trees, accessories, sidewalks, parking areas, and more. Everything the DDA works on is done with the intent to see our downtown thrive and grow.

Paw Paw City Map